GNG Jewels | Video

GNG is a line of jewelry made out of recycled handles . All designs are handmade : sculpted by Giangi, dressed up and styled by Alessia; they personally take care of each and every single production process, proud of their work and they make it with LOVE. The concept of GNG Jewels relates to "Lezioni Americane " of Italo Calvino and specifically to the concepts of Multiplicity and Consistency. Starting from a common basic shape, brass casted pieces are afterwards hand crafted; GNG jewels are real sculptures to be worn, a Tribe of Uniques among Similars. Any possible sponginess, unevenness , air bubbles , imperfections are absolutely welcome and an extra reason of uniqueness; every GNG jewel gains its own identity and uniqueness as well as unique is the person who will wear it. This video documents the origin of the design, the manufacturing process and the attention to all details that transform a piece of industrial waste into a unique jewel. The video was filmed by Alessandro Dondero in the historic location of the company founded in 1920 .


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