We identify a controversy related to fresh water management. We tried to find a theme that was close to our everyday life, somehow which we could contribute in a concrete way. We decided to address the subject of debate on “bottled water”. After realizing that the situation was unmanageable at a global scale, we decided to focus on a specific case (Cascade Locks, Oregon USA) to see better and more closely the dynamics of the dispute. For example, at first we thought that the problem was just an ethical matter, but after carefull observation, we noticed that in reality, it was also environmental, political and economic.
Monitoring reports that the case of Cascade Locks had opened against former U.S. cases, we discovered how all these individual cases formed a network of similar discussions quoting each other, and how these, in turn, constitute the dynamic nodes of a global network that fuel the discussion from time to time, increasing the volume of the dispute on the sale of bottled water around the world.

Through digital methods, a specific kind of research that treats the Internet as a mirror of society, we identified from whom and how this topic is debated. We analyzed this controversy, identifying actors and threads of discussion. We therefore created a visual report based on collected data.

The assignment aim is to give a primer both on the use of Internet based research strategies and the use of visual devices, a process that gives the possibility to take profit both from quantitative and qualitative research methods. We explored how to give a meaning to heterogeneous data using pre-existing digital tools and developing new ones when necessary.
Controversy timeline
Visualization of where are located the organizations involved in the discussion.
(Issue Geographer)
How the URLs corpus are related each others.
(Gephi analysis).
Visualisation focused on Food and Water Watch network.
(Gephi analysis)

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